Visit Køge

From Køge Marina there is approximately 1,7 km to the center of Køge.
There is a public path system you can use by foot or a bike.

In Køge you will find a lot of old well preserved half-timbered houses. The oldest half-timbered house in Denmark is still in use as part of the public library.
Every Wednesday and Saturday there's a large 

market at the market square with eg. lots of flowers, vegetables, fish and cheese. There are several restaurants and bars, where you can enjoy a nice meal, a coffee or a cold beverage.

Worth a visit is eg. “Kjøge Mini By”, which is a historically accurate replica of the town of Køge anno 1865 built in the scale of 1 to 10 and Køge Museum, KØS museum. 
The public swimming bath is located nearby Ølby S-train station.

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