Welcome to Køge Marina – yacht harbour

Køge´s green oasis north of Køge city.

Southern pier: 55*28,299' N 12*12,058' E

Northern pier: 55*28,316' N 12*12,034' E

Køge Marina
Enjoy the relaxed maritime atmosphere and the refreshing open-air harbour bath.
Køge Marina is surrounded by beautiful nature with various walks to Tangmose Forest, a wonderful sandy beach and an outdoor fitness area.
There is a playground with a bouncer, good fishing grounds, ice cream parlour and several restaurants.

Køge Marina
Køge Marina has 600 boat berths. All of them are clearly marked with berth measurements to make it easier for our guests.
If the sign is green, you are welcome to moor your boat. Please be aware of any notes from the berth owner regarding date and time of his/her return.

As a guest it is your responsibility to announce your arrival and pay the berth fee at the harbour office. Please follow the instructions at the payment machine, where you will receive your guest card for access to bathrooms and for electricity.

Guest prices 2019:
Daily berthing excluding electricity DKK:  140,00 per boat
Weekly berthing excluding electricity DKK: 777,00 per boat

You will find the electricity plugs on the piers. Use your guest card to activate them and remember to return any credit before departure.
Your berth fee includes toilet facilities accessible with your guest card, but you have to pay by the cart for your shower.
You also have access to the barbeque area, our teahouse and free WIFI, username and password can be found on your receipt.
Other charged services include fuel (petrol and marina diesel), boatlift and storage ashore as well as slipway facilities for trailer boats.
The mast crane can be used without additional charge.

At the harbour you can meet the employees from the harbour office and volunteer guest ambassadors – all focused to help you and make your stay as pleasant as

You are welcome to get a folder with maps of Køge Marina and Køge city at the harbor office.

Visit the city of Køge, click here, please  

Bus line 120
Go south to Køge Station if you want to visit Køge
Go North to Høje Taastrup Station to the public swimming bath or if you plan a trip to Copenhagen via Ølby S-train station.

Hope to see you at Køge marina.

Contact information:
Køge Marina
Bådehavnen 2
4600 Køge
Tlf. 56 66 16 89
Watch phone: 20 42 16 89
Mail: marina@koege.dk
Facebook: Køge Marina